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Blockmakers Workshop® Courses
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Concrete Masonry Technology - USD $1050
Vibrapac - USD $1050
Executive Session - USD $800
Product Handling - USD $1050
Recycled Materials - USD $800
Micro Courses
Non Credit, 1-hour, Online Courses
Payment required for registration - US $75

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Operations and Maintenance of Volumetric Mixers
Calibration of Volumetric Mixers
Proper Sampling of Concrete Aggregates
Mold Components & Mold Rebuilding
(90 min.)
Aggregate Sieve Analysis Procedures
Concrete Masonry Mix Design Procedures
Besser Auto Feed and Air Compaction Adjustments
Besser V3-12 Machine Changeover
from 7 5/8” to 3 5/8”
Fundamentals of Concrete
Micro Pallet Timing of a Besser V3-12

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